Why Business Owners should enter for Awards

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It's just not British, is it, standing up in front of others bragging about what you have achieved! After all schools set the example where sports days are banned, as competition is unfair on the losers and we wouldn't want losers to feel bad would we….


Fly Your Business….

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There is nothing to compare with the sensation of soaring amongst the clouds, with a bird’s eye view of the land. My introduction to flying was back in the 80s, when a casual visit to a gliding club led me to take a trial lesson and then to train as a pilot. Flying offers a freedom that is difficult to explain, when talking to other people, but actually, it’s not unlike running your own business 


You Just Can't get Good People Nowadays!

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Do you feel that you have to do everything in the business as nobody else is inclined to get work done? If you find yourself in this position and most probably feel run ragged as you chase around after everyone else, ask yourself what is the real reason your team aren't doing the work?

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