Olympic Sign Services

Prior to being coached I wasn’t sleeping, worried all the time about the sustainability of the business. Over the past year we have grown the turnover by 54% and the profitability by over 400%.

Olympic Sign Services manufacture a wide range of signage from their factory in Essex and install them countrywide. Working with national high street chains through to single signs for local businesses their work is diverse and they work with a wide range of materials to produce them. The company is a family run business where Richard joined his father in 2009 with the plan to firstly help him with the operation but then to take over the running of the business and give his father a retirement option. They employ 18 people but had hit hard times with the downturn generally, but this had been compounded by some bad professional advice which had depleted their financial reserves.


Plant Parts

'Coaching has added real value to our company. We were a growth company before we started coaching, but we weren’t successfully managing that growth. Now most of our revenue growth goes straight to the bottom line'

Plant Parts began trading in 1991 and quickly found its niche supplying parts for Komatsu construction equipment as well as repairing excavator final drives, which are the hydraulic motor and gearbox assemblies that drive tracked excavators. The company has an international reputation for first-rate product knowledge and parts availability, and is owned and run by two brothers, Robert and Richard Finch. Despite their success, the two of them were working excessive hours and they were beginning to understand that they needed to work differently to manage the growth of the business; their only way forward at that stage was to work ever longer hours.


Bulmer Brick Cutting

I’m more positive and profits have doubled. I'd recommend coaching to anyone.

Bulmer Brick Cutting specialises in providing cut bricks for decorative and structural use. It is owned and run by Colin Pinnegar and has been in operation for 17 years. Although it became one of the most prestigious companies in its sector the downturn from 2007 onwards across the construction industry really hit them hard. They had a major client that stopped all work and this resulted in a drop in turnover of over 30%. This led to problems, as Colin said “We were struggling with turnover and profits. I lost motivation and interest, this made staff relationships difficult.”


The Animal Health Company

Dave has enabled me to control my business

The Animal Health Company manufactures natural health products for dogs and other animals. It is based in Essex, employs seven people, and was formed by Paul Westcott and his father in 1990. Paul had been struggling with the business over a two year period from 2008. As he said “We’d gone from profit to loss. I realised we needed to do something.”



I can now confidently steer my business.

Pakotex is a family run textile business based in Essex. It was started in 1995 and is now run by Rob Oultram who joined in 2003. Rob came out of a large corporate environment and joined his father’s company who “ran the business almost as a hobby.” It was this difference in the direction of the company that was a key challenge.


CRM Online

I was too deeply involved in the business to be able to step back and plan what was needed to ramp it up”

CRM Online produce customised Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions based on leading Global CRM platforms such as Sage CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and BPM Online, selling to medium and larger companies. Peter Sidhu is owner and managing director of the business with sales, software development and support teams based in UK, India and USA.

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