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I don’t think I could have achieved this by myself. I see an analogy with my physical training; it’s the difference between trying to get fit by yourself or using a fitness trainer. You can go to the gym and lift weights and run miles. But a good fitness coach will both inspire you to do more and do it better, as well as act as a sounding board about how you’re approaching it. It also helped that I was pledging my commitment to achieve to someone other than myself.

Peter Sidhu

The Five Bells

When the Five Bells experienced the dip we didn't know the reason we had no-one to ask questions, no data to refer to, no systems to check, no mission. As they say. hope isn't a business strategy but that's all we had till Dave Betts our Business coach from ActionCOACH, came along and challenged everything. We with his guidance, changed, tweaked, massaged, managed and measured our business and by inspiring us, we in turn inspired the team helping them buy in to our vision and join us on our fantastic journey. Our old big issues aren't big any more, in fact the business has been turned upside down and is now totally marketing driven, which has thrown up bigger issues managing growth, which of course is being tested and measured

Darran and Caroline Lingley 

Dura Composites Ltd

When we set a sales growth target of 63% year on year for 2010/11 in reality I never expected to achieve it. It was a stretch goal. What materialised working with Dave Betts, we introduced structured planning and a training program that contributed towards achieving the set target

Stuart Burns

Advantage Environmental

We attended Dave Betts Action Coach seminar and this had us looking at our local advertising which had generated virtually no response. With his experience and advice, changes were made which generated a multi fold increase in response. This has continued and the advertising has been very profitable since then.

Graham Smith

The Summer House

We attended a seminar with Dave Betts where we discussed seasonal product promotion. Following this we moved the advent calendars from a main display to the till area and sold out all stock a month early. Brilliant!'

Erica Bolam and Katie Green

The Animal Health Company

I started coaching with Dave Betts as the company had had a couple of bad years financially and I realised that something needed to change to move the business forward and back into profit. Coaching has changed the way I managed the business and myself and has given me a new insight into running the business. The company has now moved back into profit and the business can now start to grow

Paul Westcott

  Certified UK Business Coach

Certified as a UK Business Coach with ActionCOACH, the world's number one business coaching firm

  Approved Growth Accelerator Coach

Approved to deliver coaching under the Government Growth Accelerator sponsorship programme