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Fly Your Business….

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There is nothing to compare with the sensation of soaring amongst the clouds, with a bird’s eye view of the land. My introduction to flying was back in the 80s, when a casual visit to a gliding club led me to take a trial lesson and then to train as a pilot. Flying offers a freedom that is difficult to explain, when talking to other people, but actually, it’s not unlike running your own business 

Strategic Planning for Business Success

What Is a Business Plan?

We all know business plans are required and often the first request is from the bank when you need to set up a business bank account. A common approach is to produce it in a format supplied by the bank and with numbers produced to match the bank's strategic plan template.

Business Strategy Planning Or Box Ticking?

If this is your first experience of needing a formal business plan, a common reaction is not to associate with its conclusions. It often means that once the bank is satisfied with your plan, you just place your 'example' business plan on the shelf and leave it there to gather dust. You do not associate with the business plan. Its not your business plan. It doesn't represent your real plan for the business.

Business Planning Need Not Be Waste Of Time

This may not be your experience but it is a common issue: owners disassociate from business strategy planning even to the extent that they conclude business planning doesn't work and is a waste of time. Ironically reaching this conclusion will result at a subconscious level in accumulating further data to support this view.

Business Planning Knowledge Base

Our business planning knowledge base attempts to dispel this notion by providing the knowledge and best practices to allow you to plan for success in your business. You can read our various blogs, book to attend our next business planning review workshop opposite, or download your complimentary copy of our whitepaper 'planning for business success'.

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