Business Success Planning Workshop

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...tailored to set the future for your business

What boundaries are you setting that limit your business potential and the lifestyle you achieve from it?

Look at where your business is now, what made it great and what could be better. Set goals to achieve, then a plan to implement the changes.

Is your business moving efficiently towards achieving your goals or just drifting along from day to day?

Are you following the crowd or controlling your own future?

In business its very easy to grow and then get drawn in to work on the day to day work IN the business and hence less working ON the business development for the future.

The alternative to this is to have a clear idea of where the business can grow and a plan to do so using its strengths and hence maximise its potential.

The Business Success Planning Workshop is a powerful, action packed and highly focused four hour event that requires you to complete preparatory work beforehand, then afterwards complete the work started during the event. The workshop takes you through the process of:

  • Developing a clear vision of where the business is heading
  • What makes your business different from the competition
  • How to work towards the goals you want to achieve

The workshop includes an optional personal review of your completed plan following the event.

What can I gain from attending?

  • Clarity on what the long term vision is for your business
  • What makes your business unique and hence why customers should buy from you, for reasons other than price
  • What numbers you need to know and monitor in the business to keep control and know how it is performing relative to what you planned
  • Create a business development plan with detail of what you need to complete over the next 90 days to meet your longer term goals

If successful business planning is a key interest of yours, then be sure to download our business planning white paper:


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