Management Training Workshop

Why are some people great managers?

And others fail to inspire their team?

  • Learn how to communicate your ideas to your team in the most effective way
  • Short cut the years required to develop experience by learning the key skills required to be a great manager
  • Are you managing effectively or just fighting fires? Learn to plan your work to best effect

This workshop of 2 x half day sessions has been created to help new and inexperienced managers understand the day to day requirements of managing both people and output.

Often people will be promoted to a management position because they are good at doing their job. Unfortunately there is no direct correlation between doing the work and hence understanding what needs to be done and motivating a team to do it, monitoring their performance to hit targets.

The workshop goes back to basics, looking at the key skills required by a manager and specifically the differences between a manager and a leader. Building on these, team building skills and planning are covered so work goals can be planned and distributed through the team.

The workshop requires participation from attendees and will need them to present based on their current work situations. By splitting the workshop into two half day sessions it allows attendees time to absorb the first session material then prepare for the second session from personal experience

Course Content

  • Understand the basic management skills required and the mindset to instil them onto your team
  • Time planning and defining which tasks to undertake first to achieve goals
  • Planning to achieve goals you have been set as a manager and setting personal goals for your team so you hit the required targets
  • Managing people and how personalities and learning traits effect the way you need to present information to them for best effect
  • Team management and discipline. How to handle the situation if underperformance occurs
  • Presenting skills and how best to present information to your team
  • Key traits of good management and how to ensure you embrace them
  • Building and mentoring your team to develop their skills and effectiveness
  • Role play of management situations to ensure the basics are understood and applied in an appropriate manner

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