Recruitment Workshop

Why is it that some businesses recruit the right people while others don't?

  • The best people are going to pick the best company to work for. Learn how to sell your business to them
  • Learn how to pick the person who will help grow your business not just add head count
  • Learn how to assess the mix of personalities in your team and who will best fit in
  • Learn a recruitment system that takes hours of your time not weeks

This workshop has been created to provide senior managers and business owners with the tools to recruit the right people into the right positions in their business.

Often people will just recruit to satisfy a demand or vacancy. Although this can offer quick relief from work backlog it may not be the best solution in the longer term.

This course goes back to basics and looks at the requirements of the business both now and in the future. The purpose of this is to aim to recruit a person to grow into a position that may not even exist in the current business. By doing this it allows you to show the best, most ambitious candidates they have a future development career within your company which is often more important to them than the remuneration.

Work covered in this training will serve the business for future recruitment requirements and give the tools that can then be used for any position that may be required.

The course is a workshop format and requires participation from the attendees using their own business data and hence produce a recruitment plan to use straight away.

Course Content

  • Clarify what drives your business and where it is going. The standards you expect are based on the culture and ethics required to work in your business
  •  Learn how to clearly define what is required from a defined job position, both from a systems point of view and a technical capability
  •  Learn about personality profiling and why it can be so powerful in selecting the right person to fit in the team
  •  Learn the Action Coach interview process which allows you to review large numbers of candidates quickly and get them to deselect themselves if they dont want to work to your standards
  •  Learn a system to work to when carrying out a face to face interview so you can assess one candidate to another
  •  How to run an induction program that helps the new person fit in quickly and feel confident they made the right choice
  •  Define measurable performance standards for a new starter and use this to drive both training and regular assessments

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