Action Club

Business Coaching - advice planning & support in Essex & SuffolkActionCLUB, our Group Coaching Programme, offers the ideal solution for the smaller business where the investment for the proven one to one mentoring can be too intensive and not appropriate for the current cash flow.

The Business Coaching format is a proven system for business development and achieves outstanding results; Group Coaching can be an efficient way to develop the business and then migrate to one to one coaching and faster growth as the business and time supports it.

ActionCLUB consists of a seminar session each month each lasting 2½ to 3 hours and covers the month’s topic in detail, setting work for the business owner to instigate on their own business over the following weeks. A follow up one to one 30 minute session is then held either by phone, or in the coaching suite, to consolidate this work and address any issues encountered.

Many people find the interrelationship between a range of business owners in the group broadens their perspective and helps them develop new ideas for their own business.

The ActionCLUB format draws from the full ActionCOACH business mentoring syllabus. The monthly topics consist of the 10 key subject areas from the full Action coaching experience.

ActionCLUB attendance includes an invite to the Business Review Planning Workshop which guides the business owner through applying the learnings from the tutorials and creating a business development plan to produce structured growth. Optionally ActionCLUB can be upgraded to include attendance at the GrowthCLUB 90 day planning workshops where you can join other Action Clients for a day to plan your business development over the next quarter.

The programme can be joined at any stage as it is an ongoing rolling series of seminars. Please contact us to learn more about ActionCLUB.

  Certified UK Business Coach

Certified as a UK Business Coach with ActionCOACH, the world's number one business coaching firm

  Approved Growth Accelerator Coach

Approved to deliver coaching under the Government Growth Accelerator sponsorship programme